Your unique wrist biometrics...

... secures a unique cards & passwords wallet

Seamless login
& continuous authentication

The W Watch takes care of your login & logout. All you need to do is to wear it on the wrist and be around for a login and leave for a logout.

FIDO2 compatible

Physical access control

The W Watch is your access badge. All you need to do is to reach the reader.

Indoor location

The W Watch enables real time indoor location of consenting employees. Useful on a daily basis, lifesaving in case of fire.

Contactless, PINless
& limitless payments

The W Watch enables payments without disclosing a PIN code. Select your preferred card and reach the terminal.


Student, loyalty, membership, mobility cards and more

The W Watch plays the bar code, QR code and NFC tags of your cards. No need to carry them.

The W companion app

The companion app allows you to setup the watch and manage the associated services. These services come for free (eg. passwords, bar code, QR code, PIN code display, ) or at a cost (eg. FIDO2, continuous authentication, badge replacement, real-time indoor location).

Limited number of units.
Estimated delivery date: 2021