Our story

Dear visitor, welcome to our universe that we hope to be yours too! A universe in which the way to prove your identity is both simple and secure but also unified. No more passwords, PIN codes and cards of any kind, no more biometric solutions that are disrespectful of privacy. The time has come to offer a unique authentication solution that allows you to pay as well as open doors, computer sessions, mailboxes, sign documents online, access e-banking, websites for adults or to cross a border. We believe that this solution involves the meeting of two worlds, that of “wearables” and that of biometrics. This is why we decided to create BIOWETRICS SA and to introduce the W WATCH.

We are convinced that if we want to unify our current authentication solutions (passwords, keys, cards, PIN codes …) it goes by the hand. You must for example choose the credit card with which you will pay and you must reach the card readers already in place. However, the “mobile” is not the ultimate solution because it monopolizes an entire hand and requires to systematically show legitimacy (fingerprint or facial recognition among others) when using it for authentication purposes. A “wearable” on the wrist seems much more appropriate both for its hands free aspect but also and above all for its ability to permanently guarantee the identity of the wearer, in particular by recognizing the biometric characteristics of his wrist.

This has been the thinking that Matthias Vanoni, inventor of the W WATCH, made when he co-founded BIOWATCH SA in 2015 which became BIOWETRICS SA in 2020, a Swiss company based in the well-chosen canton of Neuchâtel, land of watchmaking and microelectronics.

Matthias Vanoni, CEO of BIOWETRICS, was a PhD student at EPFL and an employee of IDIAP in Martigny when the startup Nymi launched its pre-order campaign for the Nymi band in September 2013. It was the first product that combined ” wearable “and” biometrics “with user recognition performed by ECG. The success was dazzling with 10,000 pre-sold units and a $14M Series A raised barely a year later. In August 2014, Matthias Vanoni’s thesis work on vein pattern recognition gave him the idea of a biometric watch that identifies the wearer by the shape of his wrist veins.


“From idea to prototype in 3 weeks” was the slogan of the International Create Challenge 2014, a competition for startups which is held every year in August-September at IDIAP. Matthias Vanoni participated with the BIOWATCH project of a biometric watch and won the first prize ex-aeqo.


Matthias Vanoni left his doctorate to focus on this entrepreneurial adventure and created in February 2015 the company BIOWATCH SA in Martigny with co-founder Joe Rice, the inventor of vein recognition. More than 50 awards and distinctions and a dozen patents later the company is restructured to make way in 2020 for BIOWETRICS SA.


It is now from Neuchâtel that the adventure continues with the end of the R&D phase and the launch of the industrialization phase of a first product eagerly awaited by the market, the W WATCH.

Our history is now written with you because you can share your expectations and express your support today with the pre-sale of this new kind of Swiss watch. Thank you!